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Release note : fix for Dynamic_filter working as default

Happy to announce the long awaited release of EmuFlight 0.3.0! We are very excited to see everyone using and testing this. This release is 0.3.1, but we already have plans for 0.3.1/full release. As such use this at your own risk. However, much testing has been done and we currently feel like this is a fairly stable version and our testers currently know of no major bugs. **If you are using HD DJI please do not arm your quad while plugged into the gui, the quad will arm. This should be a general practice anyhow, but it is one of the things we want to address in 0.3.x

Angle code has been completely reworked going from 0.2.0 to 0.3.x this is a huge improvement for any whoops.

For anyone confused or wondering about any of the new features in this update we do plan on making videos covering all of these new features and helping to share this information in an easier to understand manner.

EmuFlight 0.3.X requires EmuConfigurator 0.3.2

Major Features

Rate Dynamics (genius way to handle stick feel without changing rates or tune)
Preset tunes updated in the Configurator
Preset tunes display more information and are better overall
Improvements to the IMUF filter for non-Helio FC
Improvements to the IMUF filter for Helio FC New IMUF version 225 and 230 (imuf 225 and 230 only work with version 0.3.x and not 0.2.0)
Voltage throttle compensation (similar to BF battery sag compensation)
Angle/Horizon/NFE code completely reworked
Matrix filter from iNav

Minor Features

Helio FC have full use of all the regular filters (off by default)
Ability to set the lpf filters per axis
WitchCraft filter from RaceFlight (lagged moving average filter for dterm)
Smart Dterm Smoothing a way of shrinking dterm when not needed as much
Configurable turtle mode power, allows you to increase turtle power or decrease it
Removal of Anti-Gravity, Iterm-Relax, Acro-Trainer, FeedForward, and Absolute Control
Now possible to set low-pass filters per axis

Expert mode

If you want to see additional tuning settings you can enable expert mode (right top corner in GUI). Also you can turn ON expert mode permanently in GUI settings.

Code Contributors

Special thanks to the EmuFlight development team for the countless hours they spent on this and all other updates. Loutwice, Andrey, nerdCopter, Jitter (@gretel), Kaiowarez, and QuickFlash
Big thanks for Loutwice, NerdCopter and Andrey for helping very much with the configurator.
Shout out to Kaiowarez for adding new targets to EmuFlight.
Thanks to Jitter for automating the build process of test releases.

Special thanks to the other developers who helped with this release of EmuFlight, notably: tylercorleone, NFE, MadChiller, DzikuVx, and Marinus
Thanks to tylercorleone for adding the voltage throttle compensation (its because of him both EmuFlight and BetaFlight have this feature!!!)
Thanks to NFE for helping with some of the angle code from SilverWare!
Thanks to DzikuVx for porting the iNav matrix filter into Emu and for reviewing the Kalman Filter!
Thanks to MadChiller for working on the BrainFPV Radix target!
Thanks to Marinus for helping with some Kalman Filter improvements!

Test Pilots

Big shoutout to our dedicated team of testers. They work relentlessly testing out the latest code that we send them. They are an amazing group of pilots and have helped progress EmuFlight quicker than we ever thought possible. Big thanks to: MadChiller, MrNoizeFPV, Pierre Meunier, Skylion, PJC, 3dracingman, Denovich, NiceCrash, ehitaja, Filthrillz, gcc.quader, kumokraft, TintFPV, Project Mocking Bird, Vitales, White Hat FPV, teklust5401, Dogsock and ill bro

(If I failed to mention your name as a tester let me know and I can add it to this list)

Without the help of all these contributors EmuFlight would not be what it is today! Big round of applause to all who were and are a part of this adventure!

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