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Son histoire et quelques astuces de sa part:


**QUICK PROTIP: When using the OSD menu, make sure your throttle is at 50%. The OSD will not work (it will 'freeze') unless throttle is at 50%.**

Let me begin by saying that this sort of stuff is all way over my head, computers ain't my thang. Take none of this as gospel, it's just my take after a day with it. It may not work with all rigs/fc's or whatever, and keep an eye on motor temps.

In this vid, I fly the long-lost Tree Quad™. She was beat up before I went to L.A., she got more beat up while I was there, then got stuck in a tree for a week, saved by a set of local heroes, then flown *to death*, THEN mailed back to me. 1 motor/esc is new, and it's a fresh FC, other than that, she's a beater. All of that is to say, if a noisy rig is the best way to test out the new BF magic sauce, then this is your prime candidate.

It felt great. I was surprised just how good it looked in HD, what do you think? Tuning wise, I didn't change much from 3.1.7, though there were some changes in the BF that I had to address. Here are the settings I used and how:

-To enable dynamic filter, go to CLI and type: feature DYNAMIC_FILTER Then type save and hit enter. (AFAIK this is the big-hitter on incentive to switch to 3.2 . It's certainly the reason I went through the trouble.)

-To enable PT1, go to CLI and type: set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1 Then type save and hit enter.

-I also disabled notch filters 1 and 2, and D term notch. (Notch Filter freq = 0). Leave cutoffs and low passes the same.

-Anti_Gravity_gain is now 1000-30000 (used to be max of 3.5). I _think_ 3500 in the new metric = 3.5 in the old metric, but I COULD BE WRONG. I set mine to 5000.

Ses PIDs:


GUI screenshots and pids:

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Je n'ai pas trouvé une catégorie logiciel/firmware sur le forum, ou alors je suis tout simplement aveugle...

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