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Mise a jour des firmware BF 3.2.1


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Betaflight 3.2.1

@mikeller mikeller released this 2 days ago · 6 commits to v3.2.x-maintenance since this release

Maintenance Release

Please read the Instructions for Upgrading.

This release contains bugfixes and target changes only. For a full list of new features see 3.2.0.


  • Configuration does not reset to defaults after an upgrade, and is corrupted instead (#4280);
  • MavLink port sharing with MSP does not work (#4287);
  • CRSF Telemetry gets stuck when ACC is turned off (#4279);
  • Wrong timer assignment for PA14 (#4297);
  • GD32F350x6 ESCs not supported by 4-way interface (#4329).
  • When a battery is connected, the ESCs are initialised twice in a row (#4322);
  • Camera control menu is overlaid with the OSD statistics page if camera control is invoked from the statistics page (#4293);
  • VTX band colours for LED_STRIP are wrong (#4362);
  • Dshot beacon sounds when beeper is turning off (#4360);
  • Dshot ESC info is inconsistent in CLI (#4308);
  • Dshot1200 timing is wrong for F4 and F7 (#4367);
  • Stick commands for camera control do not repeat when holding stick (#4368);
  • Dshot on F7 does not work (#4165);
  • Toggling WiFi on a RunCam Split will turn it off in flight (#4369);
  • Arming flag names are not used in CLI in some cases, even if compiled in (#4370).

Target updates:

  • KIWIF4V2 / PLUMF4: Moved LED_STRIP pin back to VTX.DTA (#4285);
  • New target: XRACERF4 (#4255).
  • ALIENFLIGHT: Fixed instable hardware detection issue. (#4300).
  • BEEBRAIN_V2: Separated into V2D and V2F (#4318).
Modifié (le) par Lexus
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il y a 59 minutes, Lexus a dit :

When a battery is connected, the ESCs are initialised twice in a row (#4322);

Il me semble que ton DustX fait ça.

Par contre y'a pas ta FC dans les target.

L'update reste donc assez limitée.

  • Haha 1
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