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F3 Deluxe PPM


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Using SBUS or PPM Receivers

The first batch of these boards are set to use PPM by default, to use SBUS on the same pin you need to do some soldering to add an SBUS resistor. However as of August 2016, all the new boards can use the same pin for PPM or SBUS which is set as usual via betaflight configuration GUI. However one thing to bear in mind is that when you are using a PPM reciever, the UART3 port cannot be used.

Removing SBUS resistor
If you desperately need to use the UART3 port for something else, and are using a PPM receiver it is still possible to use both, however it will require some soldering to remove the SBUS resistor on R18.



The PPM pin and SERIAL RX pin are shared between UART3 and PPM. Simply plug in the reciever to the one port and pick PPM or Serial RX in the BetaFlight configurator. This also means that when PPM is in use, UART3 cannot be used. However, if you are out of serial ports, using PPM and need one more, you can remove the SBUS resistor as described below and uncomment this line from the BetaFlight source code #define AVOID_UART3_FOR_PWM_PPM. This will enable both PPM and UART3

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