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betaflight release notes Betaflight 3.5.0-RC2

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This is a release candidate. It is intended for testing, and some things still need fixing and fine tuning. Please use it with caution and report back any issues at https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/issues. Thank you.

Important information when upgrading

  • A number of changes and improvements in this release require changes to the Betaflight configurator. These changes have been added to Betaflight configurator 10.4.0 (to be released in the coming days, installation instructions here). Please update your Betaflight configurator to version 10.4.0 or better, or use the CLI for now;
  • if you are using the Blackbox Log Viewer, there will be an updated version 3.2.0 to go with Betaflight 3.5 (installation instructions here). Please update as soon as it becomes available;
  • a new 'Feed Forward PID' algorithm has been implemented, replacing setpoint weight (#6355). In addition to this, the dynamic notch filter (#6411) and anti-gravity (#6220) have been optimised for improved flight performance. For all of these changes, default values have been chosen that should result in good flight characteristics for most setups. It is recommended to start testing with default settings, incorporating tuned settings from previous versions if needed, where needed. For more in-depth instructions for tuning Betaflight 3.5, please consult these notes.
  • unfortunately, bugfixes in the flight controller core functionality have led to an increase of the firmware size, causing it to overflow the available space on a number of F3 based flight controllers. As a result, some features have had to be removed from a number of F3 based flight controllers in order to make the firmware fit into flash. The following targets are affected: CRAZYBEEF3FR, CRAZYBEEF3FS, FRSKYF3, FURYF3, FURYF3OSD, OMNIBUS, SPRACINGF3, SPRACINGF3EVO, SPRACINGF3MINI, SPRACINGF3NEO (#6497, #6501);

Major features:

  • Added support for feed forward to the PID controller (#6355);
  • Improved the performance of the dynamic notch filter (#6411).

Minor features:

  • Improved the performance of anti-gravity (#6220);
  • Added support for linking of modes (#6335);
  • Added support for dynamic filter in dual gyro mode (#6428).

Changes from Release Candidate 1:


  • Fixed incorrect voltage and current sensor filter frequencies (#6452, #6466);
  • Fixed check for anti gravity being enabled (#6461);
  • Fixed A-Tail mixer (#6465);
  • Enabled support for the ICM20601 gyro and fixed the output scaling in its driver (#6475);
  • Fixed the loop time calculation when 32 kHz gyro ouptut is used (#6481);
  • Changed the default gyro loop frequency to 2.67 kHz for targets with I2C gyro (#6483);
  • Disabled DYNAMIC_FILTER feature if the gyro loop frequency is less than 2 kHz (#6484);
  • Fixed the parameters for dynamic filter for gyro loop frequencies less than 4 kHz (#6485);
  • Enabled configuration of throttle boost in CMS (#6496, #6503).

Target Updates:

  • Renamed the SKYF405 target to SKYZONEF405 (#6458);
  • Fixed the LED pins for KISSFCV2F7 (#6459);
  • Enabled SDIO on NUCLEOF722 (#6473);
  • Fixed the feature list for OMNIBUSF4 variants (#6486);
  • Added new target DALRCF722DUAL (#6489);
  • Removed features from F3 to make the firmware fit into flash (#6497, #6501).

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