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Mise a jour OpenTX 2.2.1


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FrSKY Radios

  • Added support for X10 and X10S
  • Added support for X7S
  • Added support for wireless trainer between X7S, X12S, X10, X10S
  • Added an alert on radio shutdown if model is still powered (requires telemetry receiver)
  • Added the bind options as standard; No longer a build option
  • Added Telemetry UART errors to the third statistics screen
  • Added ‘quick mode’/’convenient mode’ to the SxR script
  • Added support for R9M receiver and module
  • Added SBUS output to the external module bay More…
  • Changed the model name to play after the “Welcome to OpenTX” phrase
  • Changed mass storage option. Removed from companion and added to the transmitter’s radio setup screen. When a radio is on and is connected to a PC using a USB cable the options are:
    • Ask which mode to connect in; Joystick or storage
    • Connect in Joystick mode
    • Connect in storage mode – Mount the SD card as a drive
  • Fixed SDcard size and format issue

FrSKY Horus X10/X12 Series

  • Added SHADOWED text attribute to LUA
  • Added FAI Choice option
  • Fixed lua themes
  • Fixed pilot position to now update if proper fix is available on the internal GPS
  • Fixed channel monitor where in some case the channels were reversed

FrSKY Taranis X9 Series

  • Added model’s name to the receiver ID being used warning
  • Fixed corrupted GVAR Min/Max on upgrade from 2.1.x

FrSky Taranis X7 Series

  • Added model’s name to the receiver ID being used warning
  • Added missing multiplier to RPM sensor
  • Added drawPixmap to Lua
  • Added sleep bitmap Lua
  • Improved vario support (varioCenterSilent)
  • Fixed copy trim -> subtrim


  • Added SBUS output to the external module bay More…
  • Better overall support

All Radios

  • Multi: allow syncing multi output with Multimodule radio frames (reduces latency) and allow setting failsafe for AFDS2A, requires experimental Multi code
  • TBS: improved Crossfire support
  • LUA: add getUsage() function that returns percent of already used up instructions in current script execution cycle
  • LUA: getDateTime now additionnaly returns time in AM/PM format
  • LUA: allow global functions to run LUA scripts


  • There is now a single choice for both firmware and companion branch
  • Fixed various print bugs
  • Added the ability to separate log files into sessions and export flight sessions to their own log file
  • Added PPA support for lastest Ubuntu
  • Added model checklist editor
  • Added avrdude for OS X companion
  • Added options to log all debug/simulator output to files
  • Reformatted Inputs & Mixes lists, improved drag-and-drop operations
  • Fixed crash at startup when importing settings from previous version
  • Fixed crash at startup due to SSL library conflicts
  • Fixed inverted RSSI default between low and critical
  • Fixed Simulator GPS coordinate format errors on telemetry log playback
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