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opentx release notes OpenTX 2.2.4

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We are happy to bring you the release version of OpenTX 2.2.4


  • Fix negative gvar precision (elecpower)
  • Add mouseover tool tips to label fields with context menus (elecpower)
  • Fix special function Inc/Dec Gvar (elecpower)
  • Better multiprotocol name handling (MRC3742)
  • GPS format matches radio choice (elecpower)

[All radios]

  • Multiprotocol: updated to match (MRC3742)

[All FrSky radios]

  • Fix ModelID unduly checked in D8 mode
  • Support Neuron ESC telemetry

[All radios using Lua]

  • Fix an issue where sportTelemetryPush() was not working when crc is 0x7D or 0x7E
  • Add telem1 to telem32v
  • Add lua mixers outputs


  • Fix plane and glider wizard when no motor is selected


  • Fix an issue where changing max baud could turn external module on
  • Remove Alt from top bar display in FAI mode


  • Add Flex R9M support


  • Add support for vario sensor
  • Raw CRSF telemetry data can be mirrored on AUX serial port

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