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  1. Merge pull request #8198 from opentx/3djc/fix-x7access Fix x7 Access switch number Lire la source
  2. "BETTER_USB_HS" driver A while ago, Microsoft / introduced though Windows update a change to the handling of their driver which affected OpenTX users trying to use their radio a USB joystick. Based on a suggestion from Joel Stewart here, we have applied for, and gained access to, a unique 'usb id', so starting with 2.3.11, OpenTX users won't be affected by this issue anymore. Backlight function Backlight function has been reviewed and works as below If NO source is selected: The radio behaves as usual if the backlight function is not active backlight will turn on at 'on' brightness when function is active, regardless of radio backlight setting and state this is comparable to legacy backlight function If a source is selected and backlight mode is set to OFF: backlight is set to off level (but not turned off) when the function is not active if backlight function is active and a source is selected, backlight is set to that source level (including screen off if set at -1024) If a source is selected and backlight mode is not set to OFF: The radio behaves as usual if the backlight function is not active if backlight function is active and a source is selected, backlight 'on level' is set to that source level (including screen off if set at -1024). This level is active only when the conditions for backlight to be on are satisfied. Colorlcd radios Fix broken curve display introduced in 2.3.10 Add 4 + 2 modular layout Allow use of R9M2019 in Access mode (requires hardware mod : Fix a ghost row in module setup when using R9M Display output value in top bar of output screen Display log recording symbol on top bar while logging is enabled B&W radios Always display output name if existing in mixer screen LUA Fix insertMix Add getColor function Add resetSensor function Multimodule Allow flashing non-inv firmware on external multi When possible, always use data coming from module (names, ...) Fix AVR module flashing on Taranis Fix telemetry issue when setting up model and having selected CRSF or Ghost protocols FrSky Improve external ports handling to prevent module being powered by serial port when module is OFF Fix XJT Lite telemetry Fix a reboot issue when trying to select SBUS master/serial Miscelaneous Crosstrims: fix trims => subtrim and center beeps Support for Ghost menu displayed on radio screen Allow flashing of ELRS modules Several fixes for AFHDS3 modules Add PPM center handling to Ghost Fix reboot when switching model with "sbus trainer" to model with MULTI or sbus external Fixes text based sensors (flight modes for exemple) Improve Spanish translations Companion Add Mac OS bundle identifier Add S.Port power support Fix print telemetry sensor Improve radio switch setup to better match radio capabilities Fix custom curve handling Improve Spanish translations Fix failsafe settings special function handling Many structural improvements by Elecpower French translations by LapinFou Lire la source
  3. Merge pull request #10445 from mikeller/revert-10388_in_maintenance_b… …ranch Revert #10388: 'Fix BIDIR UART issue' in maintenance branch. Lire la source
  4. Maintenance Release Please read the Betaflight 4.2 Release Notes. This release contains bugfixes and target changes only. For a full list of new features see 4.2.0. We have tried to make this release as bug free as possible. If you still find a bug, please report it back to us by opening an issue here. If you want to talk about Betaflight, ask configuration questions, or just hang out with fellow pilots, you can do this in our Facebook group. Betaflight also has a presence in the Slack messaging platform. Register here, and then come join us in Slack. Most developers hang out there, so this is a great place to talk about the things you are tinkering with in Betaflight, or get help with really complicated configuration problems. Fixes: added missing CLI parameter osd_warn_rssi_dbm (#10405); fixed problem causing lockups when sending blocking Dshot commands with bitbanged Dshot enabled (#10406); fixed incorrect limits for range checks for RACEFLIGHT and KISS rates (#10429); fixed bug causing voltage sag compensation to be applied in crash flip mode (#10442). Target Updates: added support for additional flash chips to IFLIGHT_H743_AIO target (#10419). Lire la source
  5. EmuFlight 0.3.3 This is an enhancement release. WARNING: DJI components bypass Configurator safety-checks. Do not attempt arming while connected to Configurator with LiPo plugged. Always remove propellers and use a smoke-stopper for extra safety. EmuFlight is software that is open source and is available free of charge without warranty of any kind. Contributions are always welcome and encouraged via Imperative Flash with full-chip erase. 0.3.1 and 0.3.2 tunes/pids are good for 0.3.3; However, do not paste entire diffs/dumps from 0.2.X or older and do not use tunes/pids from other flightware. Use latest EmuConfigurator It is ideally best to tune Lowpass Filters per BlackBox analysis. Do not full-send without motor temperature tests. i.e. Do not flash and "rip" or risk "R.I.P." Changelog: Mix Roll and Yaw (a.k.a Dual Axis Steering) for angle-racing. Much better than Radio-method because of crash recovery benefits. add_roll_to_yaw 0-100, add_yaw_to_roll 0-100, roll_pitch_mag_expo 0-250 (add roll to yaw adds roll input into yaw, and add yaw to roll adds roll to yaw, both of these are quite useful for angle mode. roll pitch mag expo adds some extra expo to roll and pitch when the magnitude of roll and pitch is high). set show_altered_rc = on in order to see what your RC looks like with rate dynamics, add roll to yaw, add yaw to roll, and roll pitch mag expo. To verify the effects of add roll to yaw, add yaw to roll, or roll pitch mag expo use this command and look at the output of your rc. Make rateDynamics feel the same irregardless of RX rate Immersion RC Ghost protocol VTX power on an aux-mode switch (CLI only) Ability to turn off Kalman prediction, but why would you want to? set imuf_w = <= 2 to see why Kalman is better. CRSF Style selection via OSD Added CRSF style SCALE for 170-300, and SIMPLE for 0-100 (a.k.a 100 for Days) CRSF Avg cell voltage fix Backport CRSF frame-processing to prevent frame-drop Backport enable PINIOBOX only when needed Backport option to display logo on arm set osd_logo_on_arming = [ON|OFF] set osd_logo_on_arming_duration = [tenths-second], where 5 = 0.5 seconds. Backport fix dshot range from integer to float Backport optional high framerate OSD in Hz. Default osd_task_frequency = 60, PAL may be set 125 and NTSC may be set 150. Caveat analog may produce sync-lines. Backport ensure all timers initialized for dshot burst Backport make IMU gyro based on loop-time rather than delta-time (means slightly better gyro reading) Backport FrSky SPI fixes Backport F.Port fixes Backport Add osd widget for percent mAh used New targets: GEPRCF411_PRO, BETAFPVF722, JHEF411, NBDCRICKETF7, NBDBBBLV2, NBDHMBF4PRO, PYRODRONEF4PDB, SPEEDYBEEF7V2, TRANSTECF405HD, VGOODRCF4 (All backported to 0.3.2) Fixed targets: AIKONF7, DFRF722DUALHD, HGLRCF722, HIFIONRCF7, IFF7_TWIN_G, MATEKF722HD, ZEEZWHOOP. (All backported to 0.3.2) Agenda: New mixers by Tyler Corleone for 0.4.X release. Test Axis-Lock, Yaw-only Direct FF, and ABG filter. Long-term: Work toward a full 1.0.0 release. Long-term: New GUI Configurator forked from Pegasus, renamed Nemesis will be for 1.0.0 compatibility only. EmuFlight Features Rate Dynamics. EmuBoost (pTerm) DTerm Boost iDecay Simplified iTerm relax Sharpness PID Throttle Point Attenuation (TPA) Setpoint Attenuation (SPA) Kalman-based filtering for non-Helio FC. Per axis Dynamic Gyro Notch (Matrix) from Paweł Spychalski. Gyro and dTerm Lowpass Filters per axis in Configurator's expert-mode. Angle/Horizon/NFE (expert-mode). WitchCraft filter from RaceFlight (expert-mode). Smart Dterm Smoothing (expert-mode). Preset-tunes via Configurator. Voltage throttle compensation. Motor Output Limit. Configurable turtle mode power (crashflip_power_percent). OSD Advanced PID sub-Menu Tips: Save a dump all from any existing Flight Controller configurations. Reference it for resources, OSD, serial, etc. You must tune EmuFlight 0.3.X . Do not use 0.2.0 PID's. Do not use another flightware's PIDs. Most all tuning options can be set using the OSD! Reference firmware release notes, EmuFlight wiki and EmuConfigurator wiki for additional information. Join Discord for help: Immeasurable thanks to: Dev-team, Contributors, Testers and more: QuickFlash, Andrey, Loutwice, Kaiowarez, MadChiller, nerdCoper, Risko, tylerCorleone, Igorshp(Armon), gretel, DzikuVx, Shikijo, pleasuretek, mbilozub, Marinus, NFE, Pierre Meunier, Skylion, PJC, 3dracingman, Denovich, NiceCrash, ehitaja, Filthrillz, kumokraft, CrashFPV, TintFPV, MrNoizeFPV, Vitales, WhiteHat(Binary)FPV, teklust5401, ill bro, Vanadio, Kore, Gaétan, Mike P, Mainbrain, OGL, t0t0, hakintosh, Inva, gcc.quader, Dogsock, Juelz, DrSchnickistein, Alka, BrandonsBakedBeans, CesiumSalami, JoshG, krunked, knoopx, sweebee, countless Discordians that assist each other, and especially third-party github contributors. If you contributed and was inadvertently missed, apologies and please notify a dev for inclusion. Thanks to other projects, teams and vendors: BaseFlight, CleanFlight, BetaFlight, ButterFlight, SilverWare, Project Mocking Bird, iNav, RaceFlight, HelioRC, NewBeeDrone, HGLRC, Diatone, APCProps, and Trappy/TBS. Each of which have been valuable for resources and communications. Without the help of all these contributors, EmuFlight would not be what it is today! Big round of applause to all who were and are a part of this adventure! For the glory of Emu! Please report Configurator-specific bugs to Please report Firmware-specific bugs to -- Lire la source
  6. 0.3.3 version bump; MSP 1.50 version bump (#450) Lire la source
  7. No content. Lire la source
  8. Merge pull request #10350 from mikeller/remove_matekh743 Removed support for MATEKH743 from 4.2. Lire la source
  9. Merge pull request #10286 from jflyper/bfdev-fix-h7-use_usb_id-bug [H7] Remove USB_USB_ID from target.h Lire la source
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