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  2. All radios Tools is now the first screen of RADIO section Allow copy min/max/ppm center to all outputs Fix lag when using USB sim if both modules are off Allow manual control of power pin on radio with SPORT update connector Multimodule: add Spektrum Smart ESC and Smart battery telemetry (thx Javascript) Prevent center beeps been played after boot if already centered ColorLcd Add missing LUA interval in debug screen Improve TextView Fix multi flashing when internal module is on 212x64 Fix broken LR12 range check button 128x64 Chan monitor screen has been added (can display mixer or outputs (select with ENTER button)) Companion Improve sensor simulation (should work in most cases) Fix and improve switch position handling on simu start Add T5/T6 handling where applicable Remove EU (D8) option on some radio where it was not applicable Jumper T16 simulator: improve button areas LUA Fix +/-/exit handling on some radio Add color option to drawPoint on colorlcd Add lcd.resetBacklightTimeout() Crossfire: add PREC3 where needed to Crossfire scripts Crossfire: add more telemetry buffer to match Crossfire max lengh specifications Miscelaneous FrSky ISRM upgrade : add reset counter when mode is changed FrSky X9E: fix RTC batt voltage readings FrSky X9D: fix RAS FrSky: improve R9-STAB handling (OTA) Jumper T16: do not display uneeded baudrate choice in hardware screen Jumper T16: allow R9M telemetry when used with internal module trainer Jumper T12: fix FM editing while scrolling 9XRPRO: fix companion import/export Crossfire: add support for Bat% sensor Lire la source
  3. Merge pull request #9587 from mikeller/fix_crsf_rssi_collection Fixed collection of RSSI data for CRSF. Lire la source
  4. revert to less edge Lire la source
  5. Lire la source
  6. WIP first attempt to release binaries to github and bintray. this can… … be fine grained later Lire la source
  7. Fr Translation (#7297) * initial version * Updated French Translation. Lire la source
  8. Radio Bugfixes ⚠️Horus / XLitePro: temporary loss of control when an XJT module is used at the same time as an R9M ⚠️Horus / T16: issue where parameters are not properly saved in case of emergency reboot B&W radios: fix an issue where only 6 tools could be displayed in RADIO/TOOLS 128x64 radios: fix wrong default value when creating a timer logical switch Color radios: some fixes to darkblue theme X9E: fix SBUS trainer on external module bay X7 Access: fix "invalid board" message when trying to download from companion Multimodule: add FrSky bind options support Multimodule: more consistently prioritize module data first when available Companion Bugfixes Add internal multi option to T16 simu Grey unavailable 'backup' option for Horus / T16 radios Fix channel shift for X9 LiteS radio Fix T5/T6 buttons not working as other trims Add "Trainer Channels" function support Lire la source
  9. re-enable target Lire la source
  10. Lire la source
  11. Merge pull request #9445 from mikeller/fix_sdcard_default Fixed default for 'sdcard_mode' to 'none'. Lire la source
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