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  3. Merge pull request #9901 from mikeller/increment_eeprom_version Incremented EEPROM version before release. Lire la source
  4. Colorlcd radios Fix missing 0 in date format In mixer screen, display output name in bottom bar if available Text viewer is now displaying one more line Fix 2x1 layout that was allowing two widget in the same location Fix issue in model selector when some bitmaps are missing in SD card Add ES and PT special characters Battery icon has been reviewed and support charge icon on relevant radios Gauge widget text vertical centerinig as been improved Fix an issue where change UID where not displayed until ENTER was pushed Model selection now selects the current category/model on entering Secure display buffer access from lua (fixes crashes from yaapu telemetry) B&W radios Fix an issue on 128x64 when exiting Gvar menu Fix an issue on 128x64 where it was possible to get Edit on logical switch page index Fix several 9XR Pro issues (navigation, extra module,..) Fix switching between channel and mixer monitor on XLite FrSky RAS is now displayed for the right module Some OTA fixes on Horus Add X7 Access simu to Mac companion Add VFR Powers are now displayed in mW rather than dB Multimodule Support for alphabetical protocol ordering Support for FrSky 2.1 ACCST protocols Support for TX clone mode Support for HoTT telemetry Add multi channel naming utility to tools LUA Add units definition to LUA (UNIT_VOLTS,...) for B&W radios Use the right precision for unknown sensor Add table library to colorlcd radios Fix BattCheck taking too much CPU Add EVT_EXIT_BREAK to colorlcd radios Add serialRead function Companion Fix an issue where sensors would be affected by import into Companion Fix an issue where telemetry simulator would not work on sensors discovered on radio itself Add option to prompt for profile on opening (Thx elecpower) Add option for current user/all user install (Thx pre-martin) Improvement in copy/paste/move feature (Thx elecpower) Allow alphanumerical ownerID Add ml/min unit support Fix Cels unit Fix custom failsafe display when 2 modules are enabled in custom mode Fix missing Haptic settings for some radios Add version for Add/remove programs on Windows Miscelaneous Fix issue where switch/flightmode wav play could be broken with long model/flightmode name Jumper T12: fix DMA conflict between SD and internal module Jumper T12: fix an issue with curve edition in mixer screen Jumper T12 Pro: allow multi trainer Fixes in Spanish, Italian, French and Japaneese languages (thx translators !) Fixes issue on curve edit when using rotary encoder INTERNAL_MODULE_PPM option has been fixed, and removed from Companion Fix overflow on flight mode change with large mixer weights Fix flight mode wavs not playing when the mode name was too long Increase Bluetooth buffer length for fast telemetry (fixes crash with 400k crossfire telemetry mirror) Lire la source
  5. workflow and actionsPanel testing Lire la source
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  8. Merge pull request #9873 from mikeller/fix_rangefinder Lire la source
  9. Maintenance Release Please read the Betaflight 4.1 Release Notes. This release contains bugfixes and target changes only. For a full list of new features see 4.1.0. We have tried to make this release as bug free as possible. If you still find a bug, please report it back to us by opening an issue here. If you want to talk about Betaflight, ask configuration questions, or just hang out with fellow pilots, you can do this in our Facebook group. Betaflight also has a presence in the Slack messaging platform. Register here, and then come join us in Slack. Most developers hang out there, so this is a great place to talk about the things you are tinkering with in Betaflight, or get help with really complicated configuration problems. Fixes: fixed bug breaking the MS5611 barometer when use over SPI (#9735); fixed build error when USE_SPI_TRANSACTION is used (#9742); fixed problem when printing upper case characters in CMS (#9751); fixed calculation of maximum ESC RPM in OSD when bidirectional Dshot is enabled (#9758); fixed the CRC calculation for SmartPort and FPort, increasing the telemetry throughput (#9771, #9785); fixed condition for the 'ANTI GRAVITY' mode switch to hide it when anti-gravity is disabled (#9779); fixed possible buffer overrun in MSPv2 message parsing (#9780); fixed bugs in the USB implementation on F7 causing lockups when connected to MacOS (#9789, #9790); added missing pin ownership checks for I2C (#9810); fixed typo in CLI help command (#9816); added missing pin ownership checks for I2C (#9810); fixed typo in CLI help command (#9816). Target Updates: added driver for the QMC5883 magnetometer to the SPRACINGH7NANO / SPRACINGH7ZERO targets (#9775); added support for I2C4 on motor outputs 5 / 6 on SPRACINGH7NANO target (#9788). Lire la source
  10. Important This is a release candidate. It is intended for testing, and some things still need fixing and fine tuning. Please use it with caution and report back any issues at https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/issues. Thank you. Important information when upgrading Betaflight 4.2 brings some changes to how targets are downloaded and installed. The latest release of Betaflight Configurator, 10.7.0, contains the changes necessary to support this. For this reason it is important that you update to the version 10.7.0 or newer of Betaflight Configurator (installation instructions here) in order to get the latest version of your targets installed; if you are using the Blackbox Explorer, there is an updated version 3.5.0 to go with Betaflight 4.2 (installation instructions here); version 1.5.0 of the Betaflight TX lua scripts has been released. This includes changes to go with Betaflight 4.2 (installation instructions here); as you have come to expect, there is a detailed Tuning Notes for Betaflight 4.2. Use them, or use the improved tuning sliders in the Betaflight configurator 10.7.0 to get your craft tuned. Please do not paste tuning configurations from previous versions of the firmware. Some defaults have been changed, and some parameters are used in different ways, so previous tuning settings will not work well with Betaflight 4.1 (#8623, #8736); after installing new firmware or resetting the configuration, the motor output protocol selected by default is now 'disabled'. This means that the correct motor protocol has to be selected before the craft can be armed. But this also removed the limitation on the maximum possible PID loop speed imposed by the pre-selected legacy protocol (OneShot125) in earlier versions, resulting in the maximum possible PID loop speed for each MCU type being pre-selected. Arming will be disabled and a warning displayed in configurator until a motor output protocol has been selected (#9619); when enabling bidirectional Dshot, the maximum possible PID loop speed for Dshot protocols will be reduced by half to accommodate for the time taken by the ESC to send the RPM data packet to the flight controller. In particular, this means that with Dshot300 and bidirectional Dshot, the maximum PID loop speed is 4 kHz (#9642); the threshold for activation of the yaw spin recovery feature has had an automatic mode added - this mode sets the threshold to a value that is based on the currently configured maximum yaw rate, with a buffer added on top of it. This new mode is the default for yaw spin threshold, since it provides a setting that is safe to use for most users. Manual configuration of the yaw spin threshold is still possible (#9455); accelerometer calibration is now required before arming is allowed if any feature is enabled that requires the accelerometer. This is to prevent situations arising where the craft may try to self-level with an uncalibrated accelerometer, leading to unexpected or dangerous results. Arming will be disabled and a warning displayed in configurator until the accelerometer has been calibrated (#9031); the calculation for the virtual current meter device has been changed to be based on the throttle value used in the mixer, instead of the throttle channel RC input. This means that this value has things like throttle limiting and throttle boost applied, resulting in more accurate prediction of current and consumption. If you are using the virtual current meter device, make sure to calibrate it again after updating the firmware to make sure the calibration is still correct (#9153); the way that the 'RSSI dBm' value is tracked in the firmware has changed to use actual dBM value in a range of -130 to 0, instead of the previous version's 130 to 0 range. This means that if a custom setting for osd_rssi_dbm_alarm is used, this will have to be changed to be the inversion of its previous value (e.g. 60 becomes -60) (#9550); since stick arming is not recommended for multirotor craft because it can lead to accidental disarms, it has been disabled by default. If you want to use stick arming (at your own risk), it has to be enabled by setting enable_stick_arming to on (#9183); the name CLI command has been removed. Use set name = <name> instead (#8837). Major Features: completely reworked the gyro loop, improved performance and made it always run at the native speed of the gyro (#9444); added new selectable ACTUAL and QUICK rates models (#9495, #9506); added compensation for sagging battery voltage, resulting in more consistent throttle / PID behaviour over for the entire flight time (#9561); Added level race mode ('NFE race mode' in Silverware) (#9481). Minor Features: added the option to display the OSD logo on arming (#9244); added support for enhanced OSD / CMS devices, made it possible to support highligting of text or symbols (#9212); added support for FrSkyOSD OSD devices (#9127); added support for the Redpine RC protocol on devices with an SPI connected CC2500 chip (FrSky SPI) (#7601). Changes from the previous Release Candidate: fixed incorrect reporting of configured / detected OSD device over MSP (#9807); added missing pin ownership checks for I2C (#9810); fixed typo in CLI help command (#9816); increased the minimum values for gyro_rpm_notch_q and gyro_rpm_notch_q to address problem with too low values causing runaway acceleration (#9841); fixed problem with setting negative values in CMS (#9842); fixed incorrect value ranges for battery offsets in CMS (#9849); fixed connection loss problems for ublox GPS (#9850). Lire la source
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  12. EmuFlight Release note : fix for Dynamic_filter working as default Happy to announce the long awaited release of EmuFlight 0.3.0! We are very excited to see everyone using and testing this. This release is 0.3.1, but we already have plans for 0.3.1/full release. As such use this at your own risk. However, much testing has been done and we currently feel like this is a fairly stable version and our testers currently know of no major bugs. **If you are using HD DJI please do not arm your quad while plugged into the gui, the quad will arm. This should be a general practice anyhow, but it is one of the things we want to address in 0.3.x Angle code has been completely reworked going from 0.2.0 to 0.3.x this is a huge improvement for any whoops. For anyone confused or wondering about any of the new features in this update we do plan on making videos covering all of these new features and helping to share this information in an easier to understand manner. EmuFlight 0.3.X requires EmuConfigurator 0.3.2 Major Features Rate Dynamics (genius way to handle stick feel without changing rates or tune) Preset tunes updated in the Configurator Preset tunes display more information and are better overall Improvements to the IMUF filter for non-Helio FC Improvements to the IMUF filter for Helio FC New IMUF version 225 and 230 (imuf 225 and 230 only work with version 0.3.x and not 0.2.0) Voltage throttle compensation (similar to BF battery sag compensation) Angle/Horizon/NFE code completely reworked Matrix filter from iNav Minor Features Helio FC have full use of all the regular filters (off by default) Ability to set the lpf filters per axis WitchCraft filter from RaceFlight (lagged moving average filter for dterm) Smart Dterm Smoothing a way of shrinking dterm when not needed as much Configurable turtle mode power, allows you to increase turtle power or decrease it Removal of Anti-Gravity, Iterm-Relax, Acro-Trainer, FeedForward, and Absolute Control Now possible to set low-pass filters per axis Expert mode If you want to see additional tuning settings you can enable expert mode (right top corner in GUI). Also you can turn ON expert mode permanently in GUI settings. Code Contributors Special thanks to the EmuFlight development team for the countless hours they spent on this and all other updates. Loutwice, Andrey, nerdCopter, Jitter (@gretel), Kaiowarez, and QuickFlash Big thanks for Loutwice, NerdCopter and Andrey for helping very much with the configurator. Shout out to Kaiowarez for adding new targets to EmuFlight. Thanks to Jitter for automating the build process of test releases. Special thanks to the other developers who helped with this release of EmuFlight, notably: tylercorleone, NFE, MadChiller, DzikuVx, and Marinus Thanks to tylercorleone for adding the voltage throttle compensation (its because of him both EmuFlight and BetaFlight have this feature!!!) Thanks to NFE for helping with some of the angle code from SilverWare! Thanks to DzikuVx for porting the iNav matrix filter into Emu and for reviewing the Kalman Filter! Thanks to MadChiller for working on the BrainFPV Radix target! Thanks to Marinus for helping with some Kalman Filter improvements! Test Pilots Big shoutout to our dedicated team of testers. They work relentlessly testing out the latest code that we send them. They are an amazing group of pilots and have helped progress EmuFlight quicker than we ever thought possible. Big thanks to: MadChiller, MrNoizeFPV, Pierre Meunier, Skylion, PJC, 3dracingman, Denovich, NiceCrash, ehitaja, Filthrillz, gcc.quader, kumokraft, TintFPV, Project Mocking Bird, Vitales, White Hat FPV, teklust5401, Dogsock and ill bro (If I failed to mention your name as a tester let me know and I can add it to this list) Without the help of all these contributors EmuFlight would not be what it is today! Big round of applause to all who were and are a part of this adventure! Lire la source
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