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emuflight release notes EmuFlight Release Candidate 1

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Happy to announce the long awaited release of EmuFlight 0.2.0! We are very excited to see everyone using and testing this. As our user base is increasing we have decided to release this version as a release candidate. As such use this at your own risk. However, much testing has been done and we currently feel like this is a fairly stable version and our testers currently know of no major bugs.

In this particular build a few new features specifically for whoops have been added just in time for whoop season. Everyone flying version 0.1.0 is absolutely going to love this release! Have fun and fly safe everyone!

For anyone confused or wondering about any of the new features in this update we do plan on making videos covering all of these new features and helping to share this information in an easier to understand manner.

Major Features

Preset tunes in the Configurator
Fixes to the IMUF filter for non-Helio FC
Updates to the IMUF filter for Helio FC New IMUF version 213
NFE RacerMode (angle on roll axis only)
Cinematic Yaw (whoop feature mixes roll and yaw based on pitch angle)
Changes to Feathered PIDS (Feathered pids now works as a slider and FF always works)
Motor Output Limit

Minor Features

Support for JESC configuator
Ability to set the lpf filter for voltage and current (can now have quicker updating voltage readings)
Fixed yaw pisum limit
Improved telemetry causing pidloop jitters
New dynamic gyro and dynamic dterm filter (still experimental)
Emuboost split into Pitch/Roll and Yaw (can tune Emuboost separately for yaw)
Stick Position Attenuation AKA SPA Rate (similar to TPA but based on stick deflection instead of throttle)

Code Contributors

Special thanks to the EmuFlight development team for the countless hours they spent on this and all other updates. Loutwice, Andrey, Jitter, and QuickFlash
Big thanks for Loutwice and Andrey for creating Presets in the configurator. A much needed feature.
Thanks to Jitter for automating the build process of test releases.

Special thanks to the other developers who helped with this release of EmuFlight, notably: NerdCopter, Edouardo, NFE, and JoeLucid
Thanks to NerdCopter for helping with the configurator and helping where needed.
Thanks to Edouardo for much help with the IMUF filtering.
Thanks to NFE for helping with some of the new whoop features.
Thanks to JoeLucid for showing us how to add support for the JESC configurator.

Test Pilots

Big shoutout to our dedicated team of testers. They work relentlessly testing out the latest code that we send them. They are an amazing group of pilots and have helped progress EmuFlight quicker than we ever thought possible. Big thanks to: MadChiller, MrNoizeFPV, Pierre Meunier, Skylion, PJC, 3dracingman, Denovich, NiceCrash, ehitaja, Filthrillz, gcc.quader, kumokraft, and TintFPV

(If I failed to mention your name as a tester let me know and I can add it to this list)

Lire la source

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