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All radios

  • Tools is now the first screen of RADIO section
  • Allow copy min/max/ppm center to all outputs
  • Fix lag when using USB sim if both modules are off
  • Allow manual control of power pin on radio with SPORT update connector
  • Multimodule: add Spektrum Smart ESC and Smart battery telemetry (thx Javascript)
  • Prevent center beeps been played after boot if already centered


  • Add missing LUA interval in debug screen
  • Improve TextView
  • Fix multi flashing when internal module is on


  • Fix broken LR12 range check button


  • Chan monitor screen has been added (can display mixer or outputs (select with ENTER button))


  • Improve sensor simulation (should work in most cases)
  • Fix and improve switch position handling on simu start
  • Add T5/T6 handling where applicable
  • Remove EU (D8) option on some radio where it was not applicable
  • Jumper T16 simulator: improve button areas


  • Fix +/-/exit handling on some radio
  • Add color option to drawPoint on colorlcd
  • Add lcd.resetBacklightTimeout()
  • Crossfire: add PREC3 where needed to Crossfire scripts
  • Crossfire: add more telemetry buffer to match Crossfire max lengh specifications


  • FrSky ISRM upgrade : add reset counter when mode is changed
  • FrSky X9E: fix RTC batt voltage readings
  • FrSky X9D: fix RAS
  • FrSky: improve R9-STAB handling (OTA)
  • Jumper T16: do not display uneeded baudrate choice in hardware screen
  • Jumper T16: allow R9M telemetry when used with internal module trainer
  • Jumper T12: fix FM editing while scrolling
  • 9XRPRO: fix companion import/export
  • Crossfire: add support for Bat% sensor

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1) peut-on avoir plusieurs version de companion sur un même machine ?

2) elle est où la version 2.3.6 release ?

Modifié (le) par Attafr
J'ai posé la même question sur le forum Taranis
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